Traveling the country talking to the experts who appear in Fully Charged, I was excited at the prospect of bringing their collective wisdom to the screen. Each offers simple takeaways that can change your life. I know they have changed mine.

Whether it’s learning how to be more productive at work, finding more meaning in our lives, or developing a lifestyle that gives us more energy, the solutions are often surprising but never overwhelming.

It’s human nature to look for one magic food or exercise or activity that will make everything right in our health and wellbeing. Deep down, we all know the world is not so simple.

Fully Charged not only offers leading experts in areas such as willpower and spending, but gives us inspiring examples about what is possible. Among them: Dave Levin, who founded of KIPP schools; Katherine Jeter, who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro a month shy of her 75th birthday; and self-proclaimed guerilla gardener Ron Finley, who beautified his Compton neighborhood over the city’s objections.

As Dr. Nicholas Christakis points out in Fully Charged, we all live in a complex web of relationships. Making changes in your life will positively affect not only  those closest to you but people you haven’t even met.

There’s no better time to empower yourself than right now.

Thanks for visiting the Fully Charged website. I hope you enjoy the documentary. And please let us know the ways in which it has changed your life. 

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